Svein Bognar, Managing Director at Optisan AS

Svein Bognar
Managing Director at Optisan

About us

SulforaPlus is the brand name of our product. It is developed and produced by Pure Food Norway AS, while Optisan AS is responsible for all sales activities and marketing. The brand is owned by Optisan.

We are both Norwegian companies that are driven by a passion for improving people’s health, well-being and lives by delivering quality products with a high level of sulforaphane.

Our Managing Director, Svein Bognar, has a strong career behind him. He has been cooperating with Pure Food Norway for many years and says:

“When I experienced the effects that
sulforaphane can have on people’s quality of
life, I knew that I had to be part of this
journey and to help make a difference with

How we produce bioactive broccoli sprouts

Let’s take you through the main steps.

Though, we keep our production method to ourselves. A method that protects the nutrients and the important active ingredients in the sprouts for a more stable and higher content of sulforaphane.

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Step one
Broccoli seeds germinate for 3-4 days.
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Step two
The sprouts are dried and crushed into powder.
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Step three
The powder is capsuled.
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