SulforaPlus has a high content of sulforaphane

SulforaPlus has a high content of sulforaphane, which has shown promising results through more than 2800 studies, in preventing many diseases.

Why SulforaPlus is worth your interest

SulforaPlus is a completely natural and organic food supplement with sulforaphane from whole broccoli sprouts and thus contains a high amount of sulforaphane. Research shows that sulforaphane has very good antioxidant properties and many potential health effects.

SulforaPlus guarantees a high and stable content of sulforaphane
Our innovative and developed production process makes SulforaPlus one of the richest and most practical sources of sulforaphane available. Our production method protects the nutrients and the important active ingredients in the sprouts.

Approved for clinical trials
SulforaPlus is approved for clinical trials for the purpose of analyzing the effects of sulforaphane. For example, our product is part of an autism study.

Facts about SulforaPlus

  • A Norwegian product of high quality
  • Higher amount of sulforaphane than other products. Guaranteed stable content of sulforaphane adapted to daily intake.
  • Each daily dose of SulforaPlus (two capsules) contains sulforaphane equivalent to 100 grams of fresh broccoli sprouts.
  • The daily dose of SulforaPlus contains 5.5 mg sulforaphane and 9 mg polyphenols.
  • Each batch of Sulfora Plus broccoli sprout powder is analyzed for sulforaphane yield.
  • SulforaPlus has a very long shelf life in the capsules - a minimum of one year.
  • Contains only whole bioactive broccoli sprouts and bioactive Myrozinase enzymes.

Increase your knowledge about sulforafan
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More than 2500 studies and articles

In the “National Library of Medicine” you will find more than 2500 studies and articles on sulforaphane and its health effects.

Broccoli as medicine

Most people have realized that broccoli is healthy to eat, but not everyone knows why.

In an article on, nutritional physiologist Magnus A. Kjølen explains that it is due to the substance sulforaphane, which has been shown to reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer by 25-50 percent.