Sleep better – The smarter way to more melatonin

sleep melatonin sulforaphane

With sleep problems becoming increasingly widespread, melatonin sales have skyrocketed in the past few years. Although it may be safe for most people, and could provide short term relief, many experts warn against long term use, especially for pre-diabetics and people with auto-immune diseases. New research shows there may be a far better way to…

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Sulforaphane prevents eyestrain from digital devices

computer vision syndrome dry eyes sulforaphane

If you are like most people, you spend considerable time in front of digital screens. The blue light emitted from these devices can cause significant eyestrain and oxidative damage to the retina of the eyes. Headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and difficulty concentrating are just some of the symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).…

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Insulin resistance – the hidden pandemic

insulin resistance

Insulin resistance takes more lives than cancer, and is the precursor to serious lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity, and affects approximately half of all Norwegians. In 2017, a unique nutrient with the potential to reverse the condition was discovered in Sweden. Professor Anders Rosengren’s study received great international publicity around the…

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Sulforaphane’s discovery at Johns Hopkins

It is now almost 4 years since pharmacologist Paul Talalay, M.D., passed away at the age of 95. 27 years earlier, he led the study at the renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital in the USA, which was to introduce us to the world’s most powerful antioxidant, sulforaphane. Paul was one of the most significant researchers in…

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Autophagy – your actual immune system

Autofagi – your actual immune system

In this issue of our newsletter, you can read about how sulforaphane speeds up the “caretaker” you didn’t know you had – the body’s autophagy system. Autophagy is why exercise makes you stronger; that cold and fasting make you healthier, and that broccoli prolongs life. In order for your cells to function optimally, they, just…

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Covid-19 and inflammation

sulforaphane has antiviral activity

A study from March 2022 showed that sulforaphane has antiviral activity against all six variants of SARS-CoV-2, including Delta and Omicron. The conclusion is that sulforaphane should be explored as a potential agent in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus infections. Mice that received sulforaphane had a significantly lower amount of virus in the lungs…

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